Does driving burden everyone equally in Massachusetts?

by Maneesh Mahlawat

We wanted to explore the question "Does driving burden everyone equally in Massachusetts?" in detail. We believe that the answer holds the key to reduce the total miles driven. We combined the data from the 37 Billion Miles challenge with the data from the Census and the American Community Survey. We feel that, as the economics in toll roads suggest, monetary incentives can be used to reduce the amount of driving in Massachusetts. In the following interactive map (features described later), the households in zip codes color coded Green spend the lowest (as percent of household income) on fuel while the households in zip codes color coded Red spent the highest, households in some zip codes spending as much as 15 percent of the income on fuel. The Fuel Burden Index increases from Green to light green, to yellow, and to Red. To represent the data in a map, we aggregated the attribute values by Zip Code for all the cells for which inspection match was true. Other maps have a similar color coding scheme.

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